Vinga's Sustainability Efforts

Creating Safety

Vinga has always taken a strong stand against toxic chemicals. Our top priority is to put an end to the use of harmful chemicals, both for the sake of the workers who manufacture our products and for mankind and the planet in general. Current legislation on chemicals helps us phase out and substitute toxic substances as early on in the production process as possible. 

We're convinced that manufacturing goods in healthier ways is possible. Sometimes, however, we see no other way and find ourselves forced to say 'no' when we would have loved to say 'yes'. That's why we've adopted two policies that enshrine our decision not to use certain materials and chemicals: non-stick coatings made from fluorochemicals (so-called PFAS) and any products or components that contain PVC.

Another reason why we feel it's so important to proactively and consciously work to ban toxic chemicals, is because this brings us one step closer to manufacturing products and materials in a circular way. Because when you use recycled resources like textiles these days, it's hard to trace which chemicals the resulting textile contains, as it often hails from many different sources. 

ChemAct network

To make sure we respect current legislation on chemicals and proactively improve the composition of our products, Vinga decided to join the ChemAct network. We use ChemAct's tool in our everyday efforts to avoid harmful chemicals, as the tool helps us identify red-flag chemicals for each of the components of our products and informs us of any legislative changes or updates. The unique digital solution was developed by two experts in the field. 

Anne Broström

Broström has 30 years of experience from the textile sector and extensive expertise of aspects like purchasing, production and CSR and environment. She's been advising companies on these issues since 2011, helping them develop and streamline their processes so they'll be ready to meet the ever more stringent demands actors in the EU will face.

Stefan Posner

Posner is a chemist who specialises in polymers and textiles; he has more than three decades of experience as a researcher in his field. Posner works with actors ranging from small companies to major international firms, national and international authorities to academic institutions. His daily work includes supporting companies' efforts to phase out toxic substances and replace them with safer alternatives.

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