Reward, motivate and delight with the gift of choice

There are many advantages to choosing Vinga's gift cards. We have a very wide range from several different brands with many different choices. This ensures that the recipient of the card will always find something they like. We can also custom design the card and order page from small numbers, making the gift more personal and the message clearer.

Why choose Vinga’s Giftcard?

There are many advantages of choosing Vingas gift cards. Below you can see some of them:

Wide range

We have a vast range of products in serveral different categories and ususally there is around 120 different options to choose from. We promise that the recipient will find something that they appreciate. 

Well-known brands 

We offer a wide variety of well-known brands such as Wilson Sports, Dr Zipe, Rosendahl, Replay, Converse etc.

You get what you choose 

When you login to choose your gift, the products that we display are always in stock, this way we can gurantee that you get what you choose. As soon as a product runs out it disappears on the site and are no longer available to choose.

Flexible soloutions 

We have our own in-house printing and design studio which makes us extremely flexible in terms of customising both the design and print.

Customer service 

We invest a lot in order to offer the recipient of the card a good customer service as possible. For example, we update our entire logistics system to have even better control of all shipments that go out and immediately be able to follow them up in case something happens. We have also invested in a packing machine to handle all selections from the giftcards significantly faster and drastically reduce the delivery time from order to delivery.

Bear in mind when choosing giftcards

A gift card is to give freedom of choice, instead of going for a giftcard you can pick out a Christmas gift from a wide range. Unlike a traditional gift-certificates it can not be refunded. You can only make use of it against the goods which are in our elective range. We work with a card that is web-based this to make it as easy as possible for the recipient. But what is it that you should consider when purchasing a giftcard? We have made a simple guide with five points that you should bear in mind.

How many persons are you buying for? 

If you are buying for more than 50 people we can offer the service to customise the card as well as the website.

Who are you buying for? 

A giftcard has the advantage that the recipient chooses the gift therefore one gift hasn’t got to fit all. We work with a wide range of items in many categories in order to fulfill every person’s wish.

What is your budget? 

What is your budget? Our giftcard has four different values € 19,90, € 29,90, € 45,90 and € 63,90

Delivery and shipment 

There will be an additional cost of shipment €14.00 for each card. The price for the shipping is the same regardless of which value the giftcard is. If you would like to deliver the the end-delivery to only a few addresses there is options for this too (minimum 300 pcs). The cost for the shipment is then €5 per card) as well as the freight cost for the whole lot. We can ship almost anywhere, contact customer services if you have any questions regarding this.

Would you like to see how your customised giftcard could look like? 

We are more than happy to help you with making designs for you. Click here to see the original card or click ”giftcard” in the meny above.