Vinga's Sustainability Efforts

Creating Quality

Our quality management is rooted in the ISO 9001 standard, a tool that helps us manage processes and determine what measures we need to take on an everyday basis. We continuously manage quality across our operations, from ensuring our products are delivered safely, to making sure our office employees are happy with their work and have everything they need, to producing products that are highly durable. 


Our Quality Policy and our Environmental Policy help direct and clarify our quality-management and sustainability efforts. We also have policies on specific materials: we never use non-stick coatings made from PFAS or fluorochemicals, for example, whether in textiles or kitchenware. Instead, our range of kitchenware features products made from stainless steel, ceramics or cast iron. We also avoid using PVC plastic in our products, except for in certain electronics whose cables need to be made from PVC to make them sufficiently fire-retardant.

Environmental policy

Quality policy