Vinga's Sustainability Efforts

Creating Engagement

This is perhaps the most important cornerstone of our sustainability efforts, the one factor that is crucial to achieving our goals. We asked ourselves what we felt was important in terms of business partners like manufacturers and suppliers. If we want them to produce more sustainable products, we realised they would need extensive expertise, plenty of patience, commitment and a strong drive. Which is why we tend to say that we look for partners rather than companies that simply produce and supply a product – a philosophy that mirrors our relationship with our customers. Because we believe close partnerships open up opportunities.

Supplier Visit

In September 2019, we paid a rather different kind of visit to our suppliers. We met with nine of our most important suppliers in China – with the sole goal of discussing sustainability. The trip was governed by a single rule: we didn't allow ourselves to negotiate or discuss prices even once. We were forced to bite our tongue from time to time, but the trip defied our expectations! Everything we saw, heard and learnt led to new insights and ideas about how to develop our business model going forward.

Suppliers Training

In March 2018, we arranged a training for Vinga's main business partners in China. We introduced our 'Chemicals In Focus' tool and held a full-day workshop about how we want the tool to be used and how that affects suppliers of raw materials and the factories that make our products. Our suppliers gained a better understanding of why this issue is so important and learnt how to communicate in a clear way about Vinga's products and relevant legislation on chemicals. A total of eight suppliers participated in this particular workshop, which was tailored to textile suppliers.

Meet Our Partners

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation 

You can't minimise your impact on the environment without actually understanding and showing an interest in environmental issues, which is why Vinga supports the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen) and its climate-related and environmental projects. The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is Sweden's largest and most influential environmental organisation. As a member, we support the non-profit's efforts to make the environment a priority in Sweden and the EU. The information we get from the SSNC also helps us determine which initiatives to take ourselves, how to shape those initiatives in practice and how to ensure they make as much of a difference as possible.


We are a member of Textilimportörerna, an association of companies in the Scandinavian textile, leather, footwear and clothing sector. Textilimportörerna's services are tailored to these fields. They help us stay abreast of any developments in the textile trade sector that we should be aware of.