Creating memories

for generations to come

Creating memories

Offering design that creates memories for life is what drives us. We're sure there are objects in your life that still awake strong feelings in you. The backpack you had on your favourite trip or the cast iron pan your family always made pancakes in. Our vision is to recreate these memories for you and generations to come by offering our customers Scandinavian design for home and leisure activities.


Gifts that are appreciated 

Receiving a gift feels special. Giving a gift feels fantastic. But buying them can be difficult, especially if your family is a big family. We make it easy to choose a gift that puts a smile on the face of the person receiving it. A special moment for you and your loved ones.



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Calle's Christmas

"I woke up on Christmas morning feeling excited.  Watching the children open their gifts is one of my favourite times of the year. So you can imagine how put I was when I realised that the children had sneaked out of bed early and opened them. The feeling of being with someone you love when they're opening a meaningful gift is unbeatable. In that moment I had an epiphany - I saw gifts in a new light and appreciated how valuable they can be. That they can be more than just things. That epiphany is part of everything we do at Vinga."

Calle Dahlin, founder and CEO of Vinga.




Sustainability and the big picture 

A sustainable world is the gift we must give to the next generation. It is a difficult and important challenge, both for us as the manufacturer and you as the consumer. We do our best so we can make smart and ethical choices to create a production process we can be proud of. A process that is conscious about its role in the big picture so we can make the right choices. A process that constantly strives for improvements, and then to improve the improvements. It is an ambition that doesn't have a final destination, although there are milestones along the way.  Read more about them here.



Journey update 

Since our start in 2005 we've come a long way. Although we've made a few mistakes along the way. Like the time we had to sit up all Christmas Eve to ring our customers and warn them about a product that broke in the oven. But there's no progress without mistakes. Then another time we tried a spontaneous idea: to engrave water bottles. The result? Our current bestseller.

That is the journey Vinga is on. And it's only just begun. We're growing throughout Europe and striving constantly towards better products with less of an impact on the climate, that can be inherited through the generations. Thank you for making everything possible!