Giftcard Flexible By Vinga Home

A gift card with a sum to spend as a credit

Our most flexible option. Can be spent on a single gift worth the value of your choosing or as flexible credit. The recipient can either select multiple smaller gifts or using the credit as partial payment for an upgraded gift.

  • Physical or digital gift card
  • Customisation available, make your own gift card and website
  • The giver determines the value of the gift
  • The recipient has access to the entire assortment, about 1500 choices
  • The recipient can choose several gifts and add their own money to upgrade the gift
  • The recipient can merge several gift cards to upgrade the gift
  • The recipient does not have to use the entire amount at once

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Giftcard Selection

A more traditional gift card

A broad range of options by several brands and suppliers that offer a wide selection of choices. We promise the recipient will find something they like regardless their age, gender or interests.

  • Physical or digital gift card
  • Customisation available, make your own gift card and website
  • Five different values
  • Pre-selected products, about 150 choices per value
  • The recipient can only choose one gift

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Vinga's sustainability efforts 

To develop a business model that will have the smallest possible impact on the planet and mankind, we've identified a few basic principles that will guide our way going forward. We will take decisions that make a difference, act based on solid facts and knowledge, and strive to change things for the better in those areas in which we can have the greatest impact. We are creative and unafraid to try out new solutions. We don't believe there's such a thing as a bad idea – these are simply seeds that will grow into something better and brighter. And of course, advancing sustainability is a challenge: it is hard and complicated. But it also breathes new life into Vinga. It is fun, inspiring and makes everything we do infinitely more meaningful.

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