Embarking on our ESG journey, we've sharpened our focus on lower-carbon initiatives, supply chain improvements, and transparent communication. Aligned with key SDGs we're committed to driving environmental and social change.

Earth, people, direction: Charting our ESG journey

In 2022, we refined our ESG objectives as part of our journey towards 2030, a process akin to streamlining our priorities and determining which should be at the forefront. Recognising the far-reaching impact of our operations, we've identified key focus areas:

- Offering lower-impact gifts

- Improvement of ESG conditions in our supply chain

- Clear and transparent communication

Connecting our day-to-day activities to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) fits with our ambitions to drive positive change. We consider SDG 12 and SDG 13 as key to our business; it is here that we can make an impact on both environmental and social topics. All our major projects and activities will aim to make a positive contribution to these goals.

Supporting these key goals are SDG 8, SDG 9, and SDG 15. By engaging our employees, by investing in innovation, and by supporting the improvement of habitats around the world we strive to further increase our positive impact.

Annual report

Update: our baseline year for CO2 reduction targets is stated as 2021 in the report. In August 2023 we changed the baseline year to 2022 for more accurate target setting.

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This is the annual impact report for our holding, XD Connects.