Tostes skillet
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Proudly we present our three-layer frying pan in steel, Tostes. Consisting of three layers, wherein two layers of steel surrounds an aluminum core. This contributes to an optimal heat distribution in the pan. The boiler can withstand very high temperatures and is therefore ideal for browning meat, fish, etc. The imprint found in the bottom of the pan creates an air space, which makes it as fried does not stick and it creates a kind of natural non stick function. Works on all types of heat sources, including induction.

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Article 1959
Size 28 x 28 x 5 cm
Color Steel
Material Rostfrittstål Aluminium
Series Tostes
Quantity in carton 6.00
Product width (cm) 28.00
Product depth (cm) 28.00
Product height (cm) 5.00
Package length (m) 0.31
Package width (m) 0.09
Package height (m) 0.49
Package Gift Box
Product weight (g) 1,700.00
Laser Engraving Yes

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