Logan Grater
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Grate cheese, carrots or lemon zest with this original and handy grater equipped with an acacia wood handle and two different stainless steel blades. The non-slip rubber at the bottom provides the grater with extra stability, reducing at the same time the risk of kitchen accidents.

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  • Extremely sharp stainless steel blades (2 different kinds) •
  • Equipped with non-slip rubber at the bottom, giving you extra stability and preventing kitchen accidents
  • This kitchen utensil is the perfect tool for grating hard cheeses, lemons or coconuts, adding extra flavour and texture to your culinary creations.
Article 30491
Size 31.50 x 6.25 x 2.50 cm
Color Steel
Material Wood, Steel
Quantity in carton 72.00
Product width (cm) 31.50
Product depth (cm) 6.25
Product height (cm) 2.50
Package length (m) 0.32
Package width (m) 0.08
Package height (m) 0.03
Package Gift Box
Product weight (g) 179.00