Buscot Long Serving Board
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Robust and very handy cutting/serving board that thanks to its length of 75 cm and width of 15 cm has a large enough surface for being used both for cutting and serving. The board is made of FSC-certified teak and has a beautiful golden to medium brown wood surface that darkens over time. The high oil content gives the board a powerful protection against the rot, and keeps it in a fine condition for a long time.

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  • The handle makes it easy to carry the board from kitchen to the table
  • Large enough to be used as a cutting board and for serving
  • Renewable raw material - cultivated wood
  • Golden or medium brown colour that darkens over the years
  • High oil content provides the best resistance to rot
  • Material grown on government-managed plantations and treated by the leading teak producers
Article 3184
Size 75 x 15 x 1.80 cm
Color Brown
Certifieringar FSC Standard
Material Trä
Series Buscot
Quantity in carton 6.00
Product width (cm) 75.00
Product depth (cm) 15.00
Product height (cm) 1.80
Package length (m) 0.76
Package width (m) 0.16
Package height (m) 0.03
Package Gift Box
Product weight (g) 1,833.00

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